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W.R. Hickey through the years

W.R. Hickey Beer Distributor, Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation founded in 1933 by William Ralph Hickey, currently in 3rd generation of family ownership.

Wholesale Footprint

Centre County   -  Clinton County  -  Clearfield County   -  Huntingdon County

Retail Location

1321 East College Avenue, State College, PA, 16801

W.R. Hickey Beer Distributor is the Master Distributor

for the following brands of beer:

AB Logo.jpg
Goose Island Logo.jpg
Blue Point Logo.png
Wicked Weed Logo.jpg
Mike's harder logo.png
MXD Logo.png
Cayman Jack.png
New Trail Logo.jpg
Sazerac Company Logo.jpg
Flying Embers.jpg
HB America Logo.jpg
SLRRRP Logo.jpg
Otto's Logo.jpg
Beatbox Beverages.png

Mission Statement

Our Vision

To be a successful wholesaler while

continuing to be a positive player in the needs of our community


Our Mission

To be the best sales, marketing and distribution system in our marketing area


To provide the highest quality environment for all employees


To provide maximum growth in the volume, market share and profits


To protect the highest quality image for our products and our company

Our Values We Beleive In

Customer satisfaction

Focus first on customer needs


Trust & Integrity

Saying what we believe and can be trusted


Pride in our Company & The Products we sell

Knowing that we are the best and sell the best


Teamwork (Co-Workers and Customers)

Working together toward our vision with

respect and friendship



Keeping our word



Throughout the entire company



Following through immediately



Always looking for ways to better things