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Bud Light Seltzer- An easy-drinking hard seltzer with a hint of delicious fruit flavor. Four delicious flavors – Black Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon Lime and Mango – and with only 100 calories, 5% alc/vol, and less than a gram of sugar, you might as well have another one.

Corona Hard Seltzer- A tasty, spiked sparkling water with a splash of natural fruit flavor that allows you to relax and enjoy the moment. Available in refreshing flavors such as Tropical Lime, Mango, Cherry, and Blackberry Lime.

Blue Stripe - New from Axemann Brewery. A Kolsch beer ABV 5%

Cookie Dipper Oatmeal Cookie Cream Ale- From Shy Bear Brewing, modeled after your favorite childhood snack this beer is like an oatmeal cream cookie that you can drink – what could be better?

Troegs Nugget Nectar Ale- ABV 7.5%, Squeeze those hops for all they're worth! Nugget Nectar will take hopheads to nirvana with a heady collection of American hops. Our Imperial Amber Ale is further intensified with whole flower Nugget hops added to our hopback vessel, resulting in an explosion of citrus, resin and pine.

Budweiser Reserve Black Lager -Budweiser and Jim Beam® Bourbon unveiled Budweiser Reserve Black Lager, a limited-supply brew with an ABV of 7.1 percent. Black Lager boasts a dark auburn color, an oaky aroma with coffee and chocolate notes, a toasted malt taste, and a deliciously smooth finish.

Goose Island SO-LO- ABV 3%, So-Lo is a full bodied IPA with big aroma, citrus and herbal aroma notes, and a nice balanced bitterness.
If the can didn’t mention it, you’d never think it was a low cal beer but now that the cat’s out of the bag… surprise. Cheers!

Fat Heads Special Hoperations  - ABV 7.5%, This IPA is collaborated with 3Floyds. It includes 5 Hop additions using Warrior, Simcoe, Citra, Simcoe & Citra Lupulin powder & Mosaic Leaf. Our hoppy tribute to American Veterans everywhere. Proceeds benefit Honor Flight Network

New Belgium Nitro Cold Brew Cream Ale - ABV 5.%, A smooth, creamy, and refreshing coffee beer? Thanks to our friends at High Brew Coffee, that's exactly what this beer is. We infused a cream ale with oats and High Brew's cold brew for a velvety mouthfeel and refreshing finish that will have you wanting more! Infused with nitrogen, so pour hard! 

Stella Midnight Lager- This limited release dark lager has a light to medium body, balanced drinkability, 5.4 % ABV and surprisingly crisp, dry finish that helps make the season feel original again. Filled with subtle notes of Belgian dark chocolate, freshly brewed espresso, and a pleasant hint of smoke in the finish. Herkules and Saaz hops add a note of earthiness that balances out the roasted malt flavors.

Deschutes Red Chair IPA-  6.2% ABV The citrus punch of a big IPA, minus the one-dimensional hop sledgehammer. Several select European and domestic malts round out the edges for a complex, copper-colored brew. Like its namesake ski lift, it’s an insider’s ride to fresh thrills.

Hofbrau Dunkel - ABV 5.5%, Bavarian tradition, the archetype of the Munich beer, you can taste its history – this is Hofbräu Dunkel. Long before wheat beers and lagers wetted the throats of Germans, the bottom-fermented dark beer was quenching the thirst of Munich residents. The first beer, which was served in the "Braune Hofbräuhaus", still satisfies to this day with its roasted, hoppy taste and the subtle malty finish.

Swirl (Cotton Candy, Iced Cake, Unicorn) - ABV 8%, Introducing new SWIRL Sparkling!  Outrageous flavors will definitely get your attention! SWIRL sparkling captures the essence of flavor with low carbs, low calories and zero sugar. SWIRL Sparkling Flavors is an uplifting beverage experience!

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